The Sacred Y Protocol


The Sacred Y Protocol is a ReFi project that aims to use the immense resources and creativity of the blockchain to tackle the fundamental problems our society faces.

It also aims to make the users of the applications built on top of the protocol happier, healthier and give them food for thought.

Why? A skeptic's view

Blockchain is amazing, sure. But how do you prove it? Our stance is that if blockchain is so great, then it should be able tackle some of the global issues that traditional finance seems ill-adapted to solve on its own: poverty, homelessness, cats getting stuck in trees. 🐈🌴

No one doubts that money is powerful. So if the blockchain is this fantastic new monetary playground, then can it make money work in the service of society as a whole, and help solve these problems?

Moreover, can it make the users of the blockchain happier, healthier, more knowledgeable?

Because this would be the ultimate test that blockchain is the best thing since the slinky.

The Sacred Y Protocol aims to be the pragmatic answer to these questions.


Sacred Y dares to dream and create crazy. It seeks to combine the alchemical ingredients of the blockchain until it achieves its mission statement, or turns everything into gold.


The Sacred Y Protocol is a living, breathing beast that will work on many fronts to achieve its goal.

On the developer side, it will provide unique tools that will make it easier for blockchain creatives to contribute to the Y Protocol's mission statement. See the Sacred Contract & The Sacred Coin Standard for examples.

And on the user side, it will provide products that seek to do the same. Check out the Sacred Dex.

But perhaps most importantly, Sacred Y will also address the philosophy of the blockchain: Why are we doing this? Why should we be doing this? This perhaps will be its most important contribution.


Below you will find the applications, tools and items produced by the Sacred Y Protocol, in service of its mission statement.

The Sacred Dex

Gratitude Coin

The goal of the Sacred Dex is to improve the lives of those using it and of the society at large, while also making the users of the Dex money. Visit it to find out more.


  • The Sacred Coin Standard

    Sacred coins are cryptocurrency tokens built with particular intentions in mind, and with unique properties that aim to facilitate that intention.

    For example, the intention of the Gratitude Coin is to encourage the practice of gratefulness, and the intention of the General Peace Token is to foster peace in the world between communities that are at odds with one another.

    The smart contracts that allows the creation of sacred coins, and is called the Sacred Coin Standard. The Sacred Coin Standard is an add-on to the ERC-20 standard, and allows for the introduction of guidelines in word-form within the coin contract.

    These guidelines are intended for the people who will interact with the coin, and refer to the actions of the token holder that are outside of the scope of the code itself, and that help facilitate the coin's intention.

    For example, the guideline of the Gratitude Coin states "Whenever someone interacts with this token, they should think about something that they are grateful for." The guideline for the General Peace Token is "Every time you buy or sell the coin, aim to share a message that you think would inspire peace between communities that are currently in conflict with one another. It can be a personal story that inspires worldwide peace, an inspiring message or a work of art."

    The code necessary to create sacred coins is free and open source, so any blockchain developer can create coins with their own intentions.Build your sacred coin today!

  • The Sacred Contract

    The Sacred Contract is currently in development. Stay tuned!


The Sacred Y Protocol is in it for the long haul. Therefore, it eye is not on fast iteration, but on impact and quality of work. It looks beyond the short term, beyond even the medium term, into days when money will not be defined by their use in distributing scarce resources.

  • See the Protocol's Timeline

    December 2021

    Sacred Y Protocol was born.

    With the Sacred Coin Standard as its first product, and the Gratitude Coin as its first release.

    May 2022

    The Sacred Dex Was Released in Beta.

    After onboarding over 50 users onto the Gratitude Coin, the Sacred Dex was built and released in Beta.


    Rebuilding the Brand.

    After getting feedback from users, we are redoing the frontend to accommodate the renewed vision of the Sacred Y Protocol.


    Releasing the Sacred Y's "whitepaper"

    Not only the content, but the method of presentation for the Sacred Y's whitepaper will be revolutionary.


The Sacred Y Protocol was founded by the Tokenosopher, who for years lived in hermitage, thinking about the world, the nature of reality, what the meaning of life is, consciousness, and whether elephants really can't jump backwards.

Once he developed his life philosophy, he came back into the world, vowing to try and follow it. This protocol is part of that journey.

Eventually, he hopes to go on a safari, and answer the last question that burns him, having answered all the rest.


We are looking to build our tribe of mission driven crazies. Are you interested in joining it? The first step is to write a message lower down.

Include a short sentence about what you think the meaning of life is. In return, Tokenosopher will personally connect with you, and he will offer you a very special surprise. (none of that automated email crap, we promise). If you're ready for an adventure, then fill the form below to get started.

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